Welcome! Who are we? Local Services Boards (LSB’s) were formed in 1990 to facilitate the delivery of basic community services in unincorporated areas of Northern Ontario. The Lappe & Area Local Services Board provides Emergency Services, Recreation Services, Library Services and Transfer Site Services within our boundaries of Ware, Gorham, Jacques and Fowler.  The Lappe & Area Local Services Board enforces a “zero tolerance” policy, working to prevent any inappropriate behaviour.  Every claim of harassment or discrimination is taken seriously with a goal to deter and eliminate undesirable conduct.  The Lappe & Area Local Services Board will NEVER tolerate, condone, or ignore bullying, harassment or hate crimes of any kind.  

Monthly Board Meetings

Monthly meetings for the Board are held every third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm at Gorham & Ware School. All residents are welcome and encouraged to attend any meeting.

If you wish to address the board, please call the Services Board office at 807-768-4350 to have your name added to the agenda. You may also send an email message to:

The Lappe & Area Local Area Services Board Office in Gorham & Ware School is permanently closed due to COVID-19 and we are now working from home. Please contact 807-768-4350 if you require assistance or email

Lappe & Area Local Services Board boundary map – UPDATE IN PROGRESS

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Lappe News

THIS YEAR … in partnership with the Lappe Ski Centre, Lappe Recreation will have access for use of their facility at 3160 Kam Current Road.  Recently the lodge underwent a renovation and we have hosted a few events there already.  Lappe Recreation plans on offering some programs at the facility.  Please check back for updates. 

Birthday Party bookings:  Use of Gorham & Ware School and Lappe Ski Centre for birthday party bookings will be available for scheduling in September.  Use of these facilities will be FREE of charge to residents of the Lappe & Area Local Services Board if booked through Lappe Recreation. 

For more information, please contact Lindsay at