Fire #’s

Please notify the LSB at or 807-768-4350 for new install or repair/replacement of your damaged fire number sign.  This service is free of charge within the Lappe & Area Local Services Board boundaries.


Policy 9/2021

Date:  September 2021


In order to maintain consistency with the assignment and placement of emergency numbers for the jurisdiction of the local services board the following policy will be adhered to.

This policy should be reviewed regularly to facilitate appropriate changes.  The most recent approval date should be clearly noted on the policy.

This policy has been used to number all properties up to the policy date.

(N.B. LSB = Local Services Board)


  1. Number measurement and numbering sequence
    • All numbers are allocated by a distance in metres x 0.1 commencing at the start of the road that the property abuts.

Example: a distance of 103 metres would have a number of “10If you measure the distance from the intersection to the driveway to be 103 metres — 103 x 0.1 = 10.3 —  dropping the last digit the number will be 10  and round up or down to make the number follow the odd/even sequence.

  • All measuring should commence at the start of a named road and continue in sequence to the road end or to an intersection with a main road. Some exceptions may exist.
  • At main road intersections measurement will restart at “0” and a sequenced number prefix will be incorporated into the fire number.

Example: Fire numbers “10, 11, 12, 15” intersection “200, 202, 203, 205”   intersection “300, 302, 303, 305” etc.

  • If the fire numbers follow an existing road address system then restart measurement incorporating a prefix as in “1.3”
  • All properties on the West or South side of a road will be designated an Odd
  • All properties on the East or North side of a road will be designated an Even

 Example: 100 metres would be 10 on the even side, and either 9 or 11 on the odd side.  If the distance measurement is not exactly the 100, say 99 or 101 then round up or down. The same is true for the even side.

  • Maintain the numbering system for the road duration. Do not switch numbering when a road changes direction.

Example: When traveling west on the same road, all numbers on the left will be ODD        and traveling north all numbers on the left will be ODD.

  • With roads that have a cross extension “T” measure for each arm commencing at the road start.


  1. Supplier
    • The supplier of major materials must be approved by both the secretary of the LSB, as well as the fire chief, to ensure fair competition and quality of product.


  1. Plate and Number Dimension and Colour
    • Plate: 30-45 cm by 15 cm
    • Number: Blue background with white lettering.
    • Font: The font must be approved for readability by the fire chief. Attempts should be made to be consistent with installed fonts wherever possible.


  1. Height
    • The pole is 180 cm, with a minimum of 120 cm above grade.


  1. Sign Location
    • Signs must be located as close to the road as possible without impeding traffic or road maintenance.
    • Residents should be discouraged from relocating their own signs without consulting either the fire chief or fire number installer. Residents must not move their sign from one side of the road to another.


  1. Visibility
    • Signs must be visible from the travelled portion of the road from both directions.
    • Vegetation, snow and visibility obstructions must be cleared by the resident.


  1. Installation and Replacement
    • Initial installations and replacements will be by the LSB.
    • The LSB will order and purchase signs and posts.
    • Replacement orders must be submitted to the LSB.
    • Location for pickup will be at the Lappe Fire Hall.


  1. New Properties
    • Emergency numbers will be allocated to the property in accordance to sections 1 and 7.


  1. Liability
    • The LSB cannot be held liable for damages incurred as the result of a sign that is missing or not visible.


  1. Maintenance
    • Routine maintenance to the sign must be performed by the resident.


  1. Shared Use
    • Numbers are issued to properties within the jurisdiction of the LSB only.
    • There will be properties that do not have a number.

                        Examples: Island properties,   Trailer/mobile home courts.

  • The establishment of fire numbers are for emergency location ONLY and not intended to be used as a permanent address.