Next Meeting June 15, 2021 – ZOOM 

Minutes of the Meeting – APRIL 20, 2021

  1. Call to Order

The Meeting was called to order at 7:06 pm.  ZOOM Meeting

Present:  LSB:  Bonnie Buck (Secretary/Treasurer), Don Boyce

Directors: Chris Hansen, Ryan Lotas, BJ Kapush. Carly Torkkeli (Recreation Director)

Fire Services: Darren Auld

Guests:  Mike Dunlop (MENDM); Residents Gil Lawson and Brian Heppler

  1. Agenda
    Motion 01/04/21

– Motion to accept the Agenda
– Moved by Chris Hansen, seconded by Ryan Lotas.  Adopted.

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting
    Motion 02/04/21 –    Motion to accept the Minutes of the March 23, 2021
    Moved by Chris Hansen, seconded by Carly Torkkeli. Adopted.
  2. Business Arising from Minutes

i.)               Driveway development at new property:  Board members will meet at the property 11am, May 1

ii.)             Update and clarification on helmet purchase for Fire Team Members:  No quotes received by Darren Auld at this time.  Quotes will be presented to the Board prior to proceeding to purchase.

  1. Financial Reports
    Motion 03/04/21

– Motion to approve the Financial Reports.

– Moved by Ryan Lotas, seconded by BJ Kapush.  Adopted.


  1. Correspondence

i.)              Letter from Dave Ball on Harley/Ball Loop Fire Numbers.  Darren Auld (Fire Chief) has contacted Dave and all fire numbers are correct

ii.)             Letter from MPAC – no new property assessments will be completed this year


  1. New Business


1.)    Mary Jarrett’s discussion on Transfer Site postponed as Mary was unable to connect to Zoom.

2.)    Mike Dunlop (Northern Development Advisor with MENDM) discussed with the Board an update with the MNRF regarding usage of the Trout Lake Transfer Site by the displaced Hawkeye users on the closure of the MNRF facility at Hawkeye.  Mike explained to the Board he has been working with lawyers on both sides, reviewing the contract signed by the LSB and the environmental contract signed by the MNRF.  There are a maximum of 25 residents needing to dispose their garbage.  The LLSB is not supportive of these residents using the Trout Lake Transfer Site as they are not within our levy boundary.  According to the Northern Agreement Services Board Act, the LLSB is unable to make revenue outside of our jurisdiction.  The MNRF’s argument states the contract reads residents within Gorham/Ware/Fowler/Jacques are able to access the Trout Lake Facility.  As well, the MNDF holds the environmental contact on the site.  The MNRF preferred resolution has presented 2 options for the LLSB to review, which Mike will forward via email after this meeting for review of the Board Members.  The MNRF would like a resolution to this matter ASAP as summer is approaching, when the facility is needed.



  1. Recreation Report – Submitted by Carly Torkkeli, Recreation Coordinator On Easter weekend, the Garden Actiivity kits were distributed to the kids that signed up.      Motion 04/04/21:  Motion to accept:  Chris Hansen, seconded by BJ Kapush. Adopted.


  1. Emergency Services Report – Darren Auld   Calls are slower than normal.  Training is pushing forward now that Covid numbers are lower.  All Training is outside and in smaller teams.  A letter from Brian Edwards (Health & Safety appointed member) regarding showers being installed in the firehall for proper cleanup after calls.  These can be unisex by must be separate showers.  Darren Auld is investigating a solution.     Motion 05/04/21:  Motion to accept: BJ Kapush, seconded by Chris Hansen.  Adopted.


  1. Waste Facility, Presented by Don Boyce

After cost comparison, it is decided to remain hauling from the Trout Lake Transfer Site to the City of Thunder Bay dump site.  The City of Thunder Bay rates as of April 1, 2021 is $81.62 per tonne over 120 kg.

Motion 06/04/21:  Motion to accept:  BJ Kapush, seconded by Ryan Lotas.  Adopted.


  1. Fire Number Report – Stephen Garstin, Fire Number Installer no report


  1.     Adjournment – Motion 07/04/21:  Motion to adjourn – Chris Hansen, seconded by BJ Kapush

Meeting adjourned at  7:48 PM