Minutes of the Meeting – February 16, 2021

  1. Call to Order

The Meeting was called to order at 7:12 PM

Present:  LSB Bonnie Buck (Secretary/Treasurer), Don Boyce (Chair),
Directors:  BJ Kapush, Chris Hansen, Ryan Lotas, Carly Torkkeli

Fire Services: Darren Auld

  1. Agenda
    Motion 01/02/21

– Motion to accept the Agenda
– Moved by Ryan Lotas, seconded by BJ Kapush. Adopted.

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting
    Motion 02/02/21 – Motion to approve December 17, 2020 minutes.  Moved by BJ Kapush, seconded by Ryan Lotas. Adopted.
  2. Business Arising from Minutes

(1)   Skating Rink Update

Caretaker – Tim Wheeler and Darren Auld are temporary caretakers until permanent is appointed

Security Cameras – quote from The Lockshop reviewed/accepted.  Installation date will be arranged

Ramp and Step Construction – Completed and installed

Key Distribution – currently BJ Kapush, Ryan Lotas, Chris Hansen, Darren Auld, Tim Wheeler and Bonnie Buck have keys to the building, which is kept locked at all times.

New signage – completed

Possible construction of a community donor board – Bonnie Buck will have this completed later in year but will provide thank you to those who have contributed in the March 2021 Lappe Lantern

Odds ‘n’ ends to be completed:  ashtray installed outside; additional signage hung; plywood goalie

  1. Financial Reports
    Motion 03/02/21

– Motion to approve the Financial Reports.

– Moved by BJ Kapush, seconded by Chris Hansen. Adopted.

Motion 04/02/21 – Bylaw 19-20 XIII Financial Statement.  Motion to approve: Moved by Chris Hansen, seconded by BJ Kapush.  Adopted.

  1. Correspondence – Letter from Mark Hakala with Lakehead Public School Board on renovations – is was discussed and a decision of NO was made on renovations to the office in the G & W School.
  2. New Business 

(1)   Signature on Libraries Act – completed

(2)   MNR and closure of Hawkeye Dump.   A telephone call was received on February 9, 2021 from Nicole with MNR on the use of the Trout Lake Transfer Site by the residents at Hawkeye Lake who are not in our service area.  She was advised the Board had passed a motion on this in July 2020 that use would not be allowed unless these residents choose to join the LLSB area and pay the yearly levy.  The MNR are not accepting this decision so a telephone call was made to Mike Dunlop (MENDM) who reached out to the Representative (Nicole) from MNR.  He contacted Bonnie Buck (Secretary/Treasurer) and is reviewing both sides and will keep Bonnie updated on any outcomes. Mike will be acting as our Representative on this matter and will advise the Board, as needed.

(3)   Land development for 2021; it was discussed a driveway and gate will be developed this year on the property.  A tender will be put out in May, 2021.  This will be addressed in April 2021.


  1. Recreation Report – Submitted by Carly Torkkeli, Recreation Coordinator

Carly commented she is receiving angry responses from the Residents regarding the non-use of School property for our Recreational use.  To date, there has been no initiation of contact from the school board.  Thus encourages the development of a soccer field on the newly purchased property.  Carly has made the decision of no soccer in 2021, as it is unlikely we will have a field to use because of the restrictions at Gorham & Ware School.  As there is no soccer programs this year, Carly will utilize this time to research grants to hire a consulting group to plan the development of the land.  Discussion was also made the priority of the new property will be Recreation focused; development of a soccer field, volleyball pit and a storage shed.

Motion 05/02/21:  motion to research grants available and cost estimate hiring of a consulting group to provide direction and a possible 10 year development plan of the property for recreational use.  Moved by Ryan Lotas, seconded by BJ Kapush.  Adopted.

Motion 06/02/21    Motion to accept Recreation report, moved by BJ Kapush, seconded by Ryan Lotas.  Adopted


  1. Emergency Services Report – Presented by Darren Auld, Chief

Training is moving forward.  It is split into 2 cohorts to prevent crossing in case of contact of COVID-19.  Two fires responded to (sauna and a car fire).  As the team responds to medical calls they are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccination when it is available to them.  A Jaws of Life was ordered in November and should arrive in March.

Motion 07/02/21 Accepted by Ryan Lotas, seconded by Chris Hansen.  Adopted.


  1. Transfer Site/Waste Facility

Ongoing, all is well.


  1. Fire Number Report

Nothing to report

  1.     Adjournment – Motion 08/02/21  to adjourn – Chris Hansen, seconded by Ryan Lotas.  Adopted.

Meeting adjourned at 8:12 PM.