Minutes of the Meeting –June 21, 2022

  1. Call to Order

The Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM

Present:  LSB Bonnie Buck (Secretary/Treasurer),Lorenz Bosinger (Acting Chair),
Directors:  BJ Kapush;  Lindsay Hubie (Recreation Director)

Fire Services: Darren Auld

Regrets:  Chris Hansen, Ron Heinaaho


  1. Agenda
    Motion 01/06/22

– Motion to accept the Agenda
– Moved by Sacha BJ Kapush seconded by Lorenz Bosinger. Adopted.



  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting
    Motion 02/06/22 – Motion to approve May 24, 2022 minutes. Moved by BJ Kapush, seconded by Lorenz Bosinger. Adopted.


  1. Business Arising from Minutes none


  1. Financial Reports
    Motion 03/06/22

– Motion to approve the Financial Reports.

– Moved by BJ Kapush, seconded by Lorenz Bosinger. Adopted.


  1. Correspondence none
  2. New Business

JD Barnes: completed staking/survey property on Old Hall Road.  Awaiting final report.

Skating Rink Repairs  Boards need to be scraped and re-painted, leveling and possibly some fill.  Darren Auld, Tim Wheeler and BJ Kapush will facilitate and complete these tasks before fall and submit costs as acquired.

Meeting with Lakehead School update  RS Bobcat inspected playground equipment offered by the school board and it is not worth salvaging; it is 10-15 years old and would not meet safety standards once its removed and set back up.  RS Bobcat will drop off some catalogues for future options.

Land Development Old Hall Road property  Board met on the new property on May 27 and did a walk about.  Test holes were done and came back great; showing no bedrock so there should be enough fill on the property to do what we need.  Lorenz Bosinger brought safety concern of the crater pond on the property; it needs to be addressed, as well, as the incline on the existing driveway.  Due to the lateness of the calendar year to hire contractors, it is suggested to issue BJ Kapush a 1x honorarium to level the property and address the pond/driveway incline.  This would insure the Board the work was completed this summer, as planned.

Mileage Mileage reimbursement for Board business including Fire Number Installation is increased to $1.00/km, effective June 1, 2022 due to inflation and rising fuel prices. Motion 04/06/22  Moved by Lorenz Bosinger, seconded by BJ Kapush.  Adopted.

Website update Bonnie Buck presented a quote received from Nalu, a local website company to create a new website for lappe.ca  Completion date of mid-July.  The Board accepted this quote and motion was carried.  Motion 05/06/22 Motion to approve estimate for new website. Moved by BJ Kapush, seconded by Lorenz Bosinger.  Adopted.


  1. Recreation Report – Submitted Lindsay Hubie, Recreation Coordinator



Recreation Committee Update –Two EOI which were informed about the committee potential start date   of October, 2022

Grant/Funding Applications – Open application in for Trillium, looking into applying to Blue Jays Field of Dreams fund and Jumpstart Fund for 2023

Community Programming – Soccer was a success with 163 registered for the season.  We have received positive feedback despite inclement weather causing cancellations. We did receive faulty equipment through the purchase of 95 soccer balls at Play it Again Sports.  The Manager agreed to exchange the balls but none were in stock so they will be exchanged when new stock arrives.

Season wind up Monday June 27.  A pizza party.  Make up games are not being made; a future unorganized game may be planned for the future.   A community fun day is being planned for late summer at the Lappe Ski Centre.  As well, plans are in the works for a drive-in theatre type event at Lappe Ski Centre in late summer.  Tuija and Timo are enthusiastic about both events. Motion 06/06/22 Motion to purchase equipment for movies presentation (projector/screen/sound). Moved by BJ Kapush, seconded Lorenz Bosinger  Adopted.

Motion 07/06/22 – Motion to accept Recreation Report.  Moved by BJ Kapush, seconded by Lorenz Bosinger.   Adopted.


  1. Emergency Services Report – Presented by Darren Auld, Chief

Busy as usual.  Burned the 2nd demo house for training.  The Open House at the Firehall was successful; good turnout.  Break from training for summer at the end of June.

Motion 08/06/22 Accepted by BJ Kapush, seconded by Lorenz Bosinger.  Adopted.

  1. Transfer Site/Waste Facility – Presented by Bonnie Buck nothing to report..


  1. Fire Number Report
  2. Adjournment – Motion 09/06/22 motion to adjourn – Lorenz Bosinger, seconded by BJ Kapush. Meeting adjourned 8:15 PM