Minutes of the Meeting –March 29, 2022

  1. Call to Order

The Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM

Present:  LSB Bonnie Buck (Secretary/Treasurer), Chris Hansen (Chair),
Directors:  BJ Kapush, Ron Heinaaho, Lorenz Bosinger, Sacha Torkkeli,

 Via ZOOM: Carly Torkkeli (Recreation Director)

Fire Services: Darren Auld

Guests:  Kim Giguere


  1. Agenda
    Motion 01/03/22

– Motion to accept the Agenda
– Moved by Sacha Torkkeli, seconded by BJ Kapush. Adopted.



  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting
    Motion 02/03/22 – Motion to approve February 22, 2022 minutes. Moved by BJ Kapush, seconded by Sacha Torkkeli. Adopted.


  1. Business Arising from Minutes

Included in Recreation Report


  1. Financial Reports
    Motion 03/03/22

– Motion to approve the Financial Reports.

– Moved by BJ Kapush, seconded by Lorenz Bosinger. Adopted.


  1. Correspondence – see new Business


  1. New Business

Recreation Property: Welcome to Kim Giguere who presented a preliminary site preparation plan for the property on Old Hall Road.  The plan was discussed amongst the Board with Kim, offering options and possible revisions.  Kim will submit a revision to Bonnie Buck to present to the Board, via email.

Correspondence from Derek Noyes, LLP  A response letter was reviewed and revisions made to the response to a letter from T. Hume (Merrifield/Transfer Site).

Confidentiality  Chair Chris Hansen addressed the Board with concerns of lack of confidentiality and offered direction to the Board on etiquette of serving as a Board member of the LLSB.

Update on Website New website is close to being ‘live’.  As the website development is an Administrative duty, Bonnie Buck (Secretary/Treasurer) is responsible for its development, and day-to-day function, including updates and revisions to the site


  1. Recreation Report – Submitted by Carly Torkkeli, Recreation Coordinator

As attached

A motion was brought forward to provide a 1x honorarium to Tim Wheeler and a thank you to Darren Auld for their commitment and help with the Skating Rink for 2021-22.  Motion 04/03/22 Motion to provide thank you in honorarium/gift card.  Moved by BJ Kapush, seconded by Lorenz Bosinger.  Adopted.

Motion 05/03/22    Motion to accept Recreation report, moved by BJ Kapush, seconded by Lorenz Bosinger.  Adopted





  1. Emergency Services Report – Presented by Darren Auld, Chief

Its been busy at the Fire Department these past weeks.  First Response calls are ramping up.  We had a garage fire Monday morning (highway was closed for a short time); devastating for the owners to lose possessions but the family and pets are all safe.  As well, the Team did a ‘live’ burn this past weekend, managing to get 4 complete burns from the building.

The Washer/Dryer is serving the team well.  With Training on the weekend and an early morning fire call Monday morning, gear was back in service quickly and effectively.

There is 1 more training burn, which is scheduled for April.

Training is going well; the new volunteers are progressing nicely.  All is good.

Motion 06/03/22 Accepted by BJ Kapush, seconded by Sacha Torkkeli.  Adopted.

  1. Transfer Site/Waste Facility – Presented by Bonnie Buck

LTL had some company changes.  Mike Hannusch is now in the roll of LTL Contracting GM and Nick Tropea is now in the roll of LTL Environmental GM, which is care of the Transfer Site.  Our new Environmental Project Coordinator is Zach Stejskal; he is looking after the site day-to-day.


  1. Fire Number Report Nothing to report


  1. Adjournment – Motion 07/03/22 motion to adjourn – Lorenz Bosinger, seconded by BJ Kapush. Meeting adjourned 9:15 PM