Minutes of the ZOOM Meeting – January 18, 2022, 7:00 pm

       Call to Order

The Meeting was called to order at 7:08 PM

Present:  LSB Bonnie Buck (Secretary/Treasurer), Chris Hansen(Chair),
Directors:  BJ Kapush, Ron Heinaaho, Lorenz Bosinger, Sacha Torkkeli;

Fire Services:  Darren Auld  Recreation Director:  Carly Torkkeli

  1. Agenda
    Motion 01/01/22 to accept the Agenda
    – Moved by Ron Heinaaho, seconded by BJ Kapush. Adopted.
  2. Minutes of Previous Meeting
    Motion 01/02/22
    – Motion to approve November 23, 2021 minutes.  Moved by BJ Kapush,     seconded Ron Heinaaho. Adopted.
  3. Business Arising from Minutes
  • Skating Rink Update All signage is displayed. The ice opened to public December 31 with no shack access.  Shack access to be reviewed at next meeting.
  • Gate install on new property, gate installed. Need a lock and keys for the gate; gate is painted
  • Recreation Shed complete and not moved yet.
  • Hot Water heater for rink still awaiting quotes
  • Camera update and install at rink Motion 01/03/22 to delay install until spring. Moved by Ron Heinaaho, seconded by BJ Kapush.
  • Tara Hum, LLP (Merrifield); Derek Noyes, LLP from Ericksons will respond to this letter on the LSB’s behalf Motion 01/04/22 to forward response BJ Kapush, seconded Lorenz Bosinger.
  1.             Financial Reports
    Motion 01/05/22

– Motion to approve the Financial Reports.

– Moved by BJ Kapush, seconded by Ron Heinaaho. Adopted.

  1. Correspondence
  2. New Business 

(1)   Skate shack opening/schedule and possible honorarium to Tim Wheeler/Darren Auld – moved to next meeting

(2)   Recreation property – getting a planner to create and suggest “phases” for property development was discussed by the Board and it was agreed this option should be explored.  Ron Heinaaho volunteered to gather some quotes on 3 different planner’s and present it to the Board.   Motion to allow Ron to obtain 3 quotes, Motion 01/06/22 BJ Kapush, seconded by Sacha Torkkeli.  Adopted.

(3)   Possible development of the skating rink space, off-season, for use of a soccer field.  Alternate sites were discussed.  Ron Heinaaho will gather price options for possible turf install in that area and present at the next meeting in February.


  1. Recreation Report – Submitted by Carly Torkkeli, Recreation Coordinator

It is planned to have a Family Skate day in February.  Awaiting final Government announcement at the end of January whether or not it will be permitted.

Exploring possible use of the soccer field on the school grounds.  Developments with this will be shared when known.

The LSB was rejected for the Heritage Grant.  It is being explored the possibility of applying for funding for 2 summer students to run the recreation programs.

Motion 01/07/22    Motion to accept Recreation report, moved by BJ Kapush, seconded by Lorenz Bosinger.  Adopted

  1.         Emergency Services Report – Presented by Darren Auld, Chief

Bunker gear has arrived.  Dryer in service.  Been a few minor calls:  chimney fire, CO detector, and emergency response calls.  Training, as usual.

Motion 01/08/22 Accepted by BJ Kapush, seconded by Ron Heinaaho.  Adopted.


  1. Transfer Site/Waste Facility

As Christmas and New Year’s Day fell on a Saturday in 2021, the facility was opened on Wednesday December 29 from 1-4pm.

  1. Fire Number Report

Nothing to report

  1.     Adjournment – Motion 01/09/22  to adjourn – BJ Kapush, seconded by Lorenz Bosinger.  Adopted.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.

Next Meeting:  interim RECRETION Development meeting Tuesday, February 1, 2022